Domain Registration

What is a domain name?
This domain name is an address that is connected to the physical computers that contain the code, files, and images that displays your website.

These computers are called ‘Hosts’ and there are several types and prices depending on your business needs. If you want email addresses with your new domain name, you will need a HOSTING PLAN for the space to manage and store the emails.

How do I choose a good one?
You may just want to use your existing business name, but your website focus may be broader or narrower than your organization name implies. In that case, look for a name that is descriptive, unique, short, and memorable.

An important recent rule in place is that Google looks more favorably on domain names that have the major keywords of what your business does in the name. For example, a domain name such as vibgco.com is not as recognizable and searchable by Google as www.virginiainsulationcontractors.com.

Keep in mind that you can have as many domain names as you want all FORWARD to your main site, but your primary domain name is the one that is put highest on the search results list in the Google directory.

So give thought to your domain name. You may presently be using your Internet Service Provider’s chosen domain name. You may be able to select a domain name which is related to your site name, if the best names are not already taken. You can find out which names are still available by trying your proposed domain name at www.name.com.

Try the name that you’d like to use and see if it has been taken. You may have to try several variations until you find the right domain name.

You don’t have to change the domain name, but it gives your site its own identity. The typical fee for a domain name is about $9/year.

It’s easy and fast to register a domain name…normally you can register the name and have it assigned to you for use within a couple of hours.

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