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Your website is accessed worldwide by using your domain name, or ‘www.mybusiness.com’.

This domain name is an address that is connected to the physical computers that contain the code, images, and text that displays your website.

These computers are called ‘Hosts’ and there are various types and prices depending on your business needs.

It is important that your web hosting account provide significant speed and bandwidth so your site visitors don’t have to wait for your site to load when visiting your site, submitting forms, and processing transactions.


Many plans to accommodate your site needs for photos, documents, and more…


Optimize site performance and speed up load times with our proprietary Cloud Accelerator


Auto-scale and increase user concurrency without worry


Knowledgable, resourceful, and always-available experts ready to help you 24/7/365

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The Internet never sleeps…our server management team monitors and maintains each and every servers to ensure the best possible up-time and performance ratio.


There is no setup fee for your initial package nor for adding more mailboxes or plan upgrades! Feel free to call us anytime if you have any questions. We’ve got you covered.

Where Are Your Site Files And How Are They Managed ?

Multiple Redundancies

Power is provided by DTE for a total of over 3MW. Redundant backup power is provided through an uninterruptible backup generator in an N+1 configuration backed up by a diesel generator with 72 hours of fuel on-site.

Uninterruptible Connections

Connectivity at the data centers is provided by multiple providers at 10Gbps across 4 diverse paths with 99.9% SLA on a blended network.

US Midwest Southfield, MI

US Midwest Dearborn, MI

US West San Jose, CA

US South Miami, FL

The Netherlands West Amsterdam, NH

Australia South Sydney, NSW

UK South Surrey, UK

UK South West Sussex, UK